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Research & Development: Wellsville, NY

R&D Capabilities
At our laboratory in Wellsville, New York, emphasis is on heat transfer with several wind tunnels for regenerative and recuperative development. Other technologies include material testing and development, cleaning equipment development and specialized testing equipment for field performance evaluation.
Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Three wind tunnels are available for testing heat transfer element, flow modeling and flow calibration
  • The 24" tunnel is computer controlled for evaluating heat transfer element
  • The 8" tunnel is available for flow model studies and lance calibration
  • The 5" tunnel is computer controlled and used for flow models and full scale heat transfer testing


  • Experimental and analytical disciplines include material science, heat transfer and fluid flow
  • Measurement capability includes:  temperature, pressure, flow, volts, amps, power, force, strain, length, gas analysis, sound pressure levels, vibration
  • Structural analysis is performed with the ANSYS code and CFD analysis with Fluent
Laser Scanner
At any time, our laboratory team is involved in numerous short-term and multi-year test projects and demonstrations to support new product designs. Our goal is to bring you the most advanced, proven technology and the highest quality products available.