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Trisector Ljungström® Air Preheater

Designed for coal-fired applications, the trisector Ljungström® air preheater permits a single heat exchanger to perform two functions: coal drying and combustion air heating.  Because only one gas duct is required, the need for ductwork, expansion joints, and insulation is greatly reduced when compared with a separate air heating system.  Equipment layout is simplified, less structural steel is needed to install the system, and less cleaning equipment is required.

The duct arrangement of a trisector Ljungström® air preheater shows the air and gas flows through the unit.  The size and location of the primary air duct can vary, depending on the flow and temperature requirements.

The design has three sectors -- one for flue gas, one for primary air that dries the coal in the pulverizer, and one for secondary air that goes to the boiler for combustion.


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