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Company History

Air Preheater Company - Located in Wellsville, New York Since 1925

History of a Progressive Company


Frederik Ljungstrom invents the air preheater in 1920.  The Air Preheater Company was Incorporated in Wellsville, New York on October 1st 1925.  The first air preheaters were supplied from Wellsville to the International Paper Company of Niagara Falls, New York.


Worldwide economic decline led to the sale of the firm to the Superheater Company of America. Included was a license to manufacture the Ljungstrom® air preheater in the United States and Canada.


Superheater Company merged with Combustion Engineering Company, Inc. to form Combustion Engineering - Superheater, Inc.


Combustion Engineering - Superheater became Combustion Engineering, Inc.


The Air Preheater Company, Inc. signed the first license agreement with Gadalius K.K. of Japan for the Ljungstrom® air preheater


A joint venture was established in Brazil with C-E Bauer, C-E Raymond and C-E Natco. Now called Air Preheater Equipamentos Ltd.


Over twenty licensees in over fifteen countries on six continents selling Ljungstrom® air preheaters


ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. Acquired Combustion Engineering, Inc., and we became ABB Air Preheater, Inc.


The ABB Raymond division business was consolidated into ABB Air Preheater, Inc. Products included various industrial mills, gypsum wallboard equipment, rotary kilns and incineration equipment. Two additional manufacturing facilities were also included, located in Enterprise and Concordia, Kansas.


All of ABB's Power Generation businesses were merged in a 50/50 joint venture with ALSTOM of France. The new company is called ABB ALSTOM Power and Air Preheater Company, a division of ABB ALSTOM Power, Inc.


ALSTOM bought out ABB's 50% share in ABB ALSTOM Power. The new company is now called ALSTOM Power Inc., Air Preheater Company